If you wish to make an architectural change to your property, please complete the Architectural Submittal form and upload plans.

i.e., landscaping changes to be made to my property and changes to the exterior of my home
Max File Size: 15MB · Allowed File Types: jpg,png
Plot Plan must be submitted indicating location of submittal and include applicable measurements and dimensions. Incomplete submissions will be denied. Homeowner agrees to comply with all applicable city and state laws, and to obtain all necessary permits. Approval by the Architectural Committee shall not be deemed a warranty or Representation as to the quality of such construction, installation, addition, alteration, repair, change or other work, or that work conforms to any applicable building codes or other federal, state or local law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation. Architectural Design Committee requests will be reviewed within the timeframe specified in your community's CC&Rs from receipt of plot plan, color and material samples. Requests may be approved, denied or returned for additional information.

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